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~ Produce of the Estate ~

Linoriceton Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (EVOO) denotes oil that is completely natural and unrefined and pressed at below 30 degrees centigrade. Protecting the sensitive vitamins, antioxidants and flavour components. Olives are picked at the optimum stage of green. Free fatty acid content of 2% or less. Healthy oil which is low in poly saturated fats with cholesterol reducing components.

Olive Oil Bottle
Blended and crushed from Bouquetier and Frantoio cultivars.
Mostly Herbaceous and hint of spicy aromas.

Interesting facts:
Studies on the benefit of using EVOO especially if following the Mediterranean diet has discovered the reduction of lower cholesterol related heart disease and certain cancers. Increased immune system fighting free radicals. High in Anti-oxidants which fight the harmful effects of free radicals and contribute to good inner health.

Linoriceton Olives

Olive Queen of Spain Olive Kalamata

Handpicked and processed on the Estate using natural fermentation processes.

Individually packaged olives with herbs and spices, a selection of marinades to suit all tastes is offered

Green, black, semi ripe and cocktail olives available.

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